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เรียนรู้เพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับฮอกไกโด: ในวิดีโอนี้ เรากำลังเดินทางจากซัปโปโรไปยังฮาโกดาเตะ ระหว่างทางเราจะไปสำรวจสวนสาธารณะ Moerenuma และพิพิธภัณฑ์เบียร์ซัปโปโรในซัปโปโร ก่อนที่จะแวะพักค้างคืนที่เมืองโทยาโกะออนเซ็นที่แปลกตาริมทะเลสาบ ในวันที่สองเราจะไปเยี่ยมชมพื้นที่ที่ได้รับผลกระทบจากการปะทุของภูเขา Usu เมื่อปี 2000 จากนั้นจึงเดินไปรอบ ๆ สวนโอนุมะก่อนที่จะไปสิ้นสุดที่ฮาโกดาเตะเพื่อชมวิวกลางคืนหนึ่งในสามอันดับแรกในญี่ปุ่น – เครดิตวิดีโอ – ผู้ดำเนินรายการและผู้บรรยาย: Raina Ong ช่างวิดีโอ: Andrew Marston Maps: Charles Sabas ผู้ผลิต: Raina Ong, Stefan Schauwecker & Export Japan

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2 Day Trip from Sapporo to Hakodate | japan-guide.com
2 Day Trip from Sapporo to Hakodate | japan-guide.com

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2 Day Trip from Sapporo to Hakodate | japan-guide.com.

sapporo ไป hakodate.

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45 thoughts on “2 Day Trip from Sapporo to Hakodate | japan-guide.com | เนื้อหาทั้งหมดเกี่ยวกับsapporo ไป hakodateที่สมบูรณ์ที่สุด

  1. Sarath Hettiarachchi says:

    Actually ,Hokkaido University Premises Looks very beautiful & Peaceful . Its very interesting to spend at least a half day at * OLD VILLAGE* of Sapporo too . There're Very respectable & Knowledgeable Volunteers to take you around and explain the Old Traditional Japanese Life Styles . Then Coming back to Susikino to enjoy the Life at a very Lively & Colorful environment with the Jolly good Sapporo Citizens and Other Visitors to this beautiful Sapporo City .

  2. Sarath Hettiarachchi says:

    Definitely ,Sapporo is another Wonderful Destination in Japan ,Its very worrh to Spend some days there . There're nice View Points , a Winter Stadium, nice small towns like Otaru ,in near by. And some time has to be spend in ,Very Interesting & Lively SUSIKINO too.

  3. Herbert Thiery says:

    What I like about this trip report is that, unlike those vlogs, too much raptures, don't know what they are talking, too long mehh while this one is full of information, to the point and quite short. Really like it!!

  4. Blossom辛夷 says:

    I am glad that I saw your video today before my trip.

    I am touching down @ Chitose Airport, Sapporo around 1pm on Boxing Day 26/12/19…aiming to spend about 5 days touring Hokkaido before heading down to Tokyo from Sapporo on 30/12/19 and spending NY Eve in Tokyo.

    What are the must see in Hokkaido in WINTER? – Hakodate, Lake Toya, Otaru, Sapporo, Furano? If so, could I base in Sapporo and do day trips or it's better to stay overnight in each place with 2 days in Sapporo?

  5. yu xiao says:

    Hey, I like the video you made and am planning to visit these beautiful places in the near future… wondering if you could share the seafood restaurant you visited, as I am a seafood lover. Many thanks!

  6. Jan Mark Caratao says:

    I've been to Hokkaido twice. 1st trip was mainly in Sapporo, and the last one I went to Wakkanai, Biei, Sapporo and Furano. This October I will be back for 23 days. I initially don't intend to visit Hokkaido because I want to visit other prefectures too, but because of this video, makes me want to review my itinerary and might squeeze in Hokkaido again. The island is really wonderful.

  7. JuliusCaesar108 says:

    I have a serious complaint! Whenever I visit Japan, I always visit by planning my trips excessively more than any other country I come to. This time was going to be simple and I was going to stay in Sapporo because it would be simple and easy. When I watched this video, I realized my way to have R&R would be too boring! Now I have to change my bookings ~~~~ (ㅠㅠ). Fine!

    Night 1 of my arrival … book a hostel near Lake Toya, done.
    Night 2 of my arrival … book a hostel in Hakodate

    Well, now that I need to do everything in between that, it doesn't sound so bad. Now I need to figure out what I'll do for the next 5 days 🙂

  8. ouagadougou62 says:

    A beautiful place indeed. I like to visit by bicycle, you can see a lot more and smell and feel the environment. Was there 10 years ago, should be time to go back.

  9. Roma Amour says:

    My family of six visited japan last month and we stayed for a few days in Sapporo. We were able to explore few places in Hokkaido and really enjoyed them especially its powdery snow. We’re gonna be back next year to see more of Japan, such a beautiful country 🙂

  10. RyuSaga says:

    I was selected to go live in Hakodate for a year as part of an exchange program. I was initially bummed out that they would send me to a small port town whereas my other friends were sent to tokyo, osaka etc… but i was glad they did. If i had a choice and could do it again, ild live in Hakodate all over again. I might be biased but .. it has the nicest people, best food and most homey feel out of other areas in Japan ( in my opinion..).

  11. Choi says:

    I did the same last August, starting from Hakodate, I spend one full day in Hakodate coming early morning from Aomori. Then I went to Toya very early next morning and spent a full day and then went to Noboribetsu to enjoy their onsen and finally Sapporo and Moerenuma park, shiroi koibito factory, sapporo beer factory, Odori park, Susukino, Otaru, etc. Great video, good memories!!! felt so nostalgic

  12. gary s says:

    A female sushi chef was not ever seen before. One chef told me that the reason why women couldn't be a good chef was because their hands were too small. I am really happy to see a female chef. I also noticed you ate the sushi correctly..heheh I never knew about the proper way of eating nigiri until one night a chef taught me how. Then he added…hehehe "Just get it in your mouth and enjoy!"


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